The elongated Ried Dorner is located between the villages of Gösing and Fels, lying at an elevation of roughly 220 to 310 metres. The terraced vineyards predominantly face south, although some also face south-west. The soil predominantly comprises black earth consisting of loess, which provides a deep root depth. In one part of the southern section of the Ried, crystalline rocks from the hard rock substratum (part of the Bohemian Massif) can be seen protruding through the loess. In the ditch slightly higher up, there are exposed silts and sands originating from coastal deposits left behind here by the sea some 19 million years ago. Vineyards are recorded at this location in both the Franziszeische Kataster (Austrian cadastral survey) from 1823 and the Administrativkarte (administrative map, 1864–1881). The plot was already referred to as “Dorner” at the time, with only the northernmost parts of the Ried referred to as “Berg”.

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Quelle: www.riedenkarten.at


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